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We offer one of the BEST VALUES,BEST PRICED E-BIKES on the market today

We Are proud to offer our E-bike kits now FULLY ASSEMBLED READY TO RIDE!

See a video of our E-bike in ACTION HERE.





1st) OUR starter battery kit comes with a very generous 72V15AH (1080 Watt Hours)Thats just over a full KW hour!). PLUS  OUR E-bikes are capable of carrying up to 72V45AH of BATTERY CAPACITY, THATS A WHOPPING 3240 AMP HOURS OF CAPACITY! (THATS JUST OVER 3.2KW ) In terms of shear battery capacity we believe that our E-bike has the capability of carrying the most Batteries on board of any E-bike that is pedal-able on the market offered today.

Most E-bikes on the market offer very small battery assemblies consisting of only 36V8AH (288 Watt Hours).Thats 1/3 less battery capacity than ours! (Some a bit more at perhaps 48V10AH (480 Watt Hours). That’s still less than HALF the battery capacity than ours. KEEP IN MIND that you cannot add to the battery capacities as the room is very limited to what is already on the bike.

2nd)Their motors more often than not are only capable of 350 to 500 WATTS of power, Thats barely enough to climb any reasonable pitched hill Say at a 6{b123213f2feb6cf21bff97cff8e933cd765c27e429ca2baa9f86fdae2e1ef446} grade. At 6{b123213f2feb6cf21bff97cff8e933cd765c27e429ca2baa9f86fdae2e1ef446} grade a 500 watt motor slows to a crawl,they will also slow to a crawl in wind conditions that are a bit higher than normal, that is why in general E-bikes are given a bad name as they are generally very weak and uninspired rides, more often than not causing the owners of these bikes to simply abandon there usage and ends up just staying stored in a lonely corner of their garages.

Starting at over 2000 WATTS,OUR Motors are powerful Behemoths! You can feel their power just standing in their presence, kind of like standing next to a Ferrari or other super sports car. (OK maybe were exaggerating just a bit) BUT,,, Compare the pics of our motors to a standard 500 watt motor shown below:

motor comparison

So what does having a LARGER MOTOR and BIGGER BATTERY CAPACITY mean to you, the consumer?

Well that answer is really simple,not only do you get a better range on your rides, you get a ride that is powerful and exhilarating,our bikes conquer hills without a sweat and when the conditions get windy you are barely affected by speed performance. As an example A 72V15AH battery pack will allow you to easily get 50kms (30 miles) range without batting an eye when your amperage is set to 20 amps, AND you will easily zip along at speeds of 50 KMph (30 MPH) (thanks to the Cycle Analyst which is a Programmable Display Unit it allows you to set your rides to any power level you wish.) ALL THAT WITHOUT ANY PEDALING! NOW, I’m sure that some of you out there love the idea of pedaling along with the motor to stay in shape and the good news here is you can pedal as much or as little as you want, you can even set the display unit at say as little as 3 amps,,,at that amperage you are simply offsetting the overall weight of the E-bike and the batteries themselves allowing you to pedal as if it were a regular bike. With that setting you can literally travel probably over 300 kms without having to recharge. The point here is you can set the amps to as little or as high as you want depending on the speed and the overall power that you wish to attain,Having a large bank of batteries allows a great amount of power to be used and still accomplish very impressive ranges of easily 150 KMS of course depending on the wide choice of battery options available by us HERE AT

Don’t  be fooled by competitors claims that they boast 80, 90 and even 100kms ranges,,,they are making these claims BASED ON THESE CITERIA: Their controllers are set AT apx 10 amps, This means that the ride is very slow,able to attain speeds of about 28 to 32 kms maximum,the power at that amperage is very weak to say the least, the slightest hills will slow the bike to a crawl and when caught in windy conditions you will also slow to a crawl. They also claim those ranges taking into account that the rider is constantly pedaling along with the motor.

All that being said, (in case you have not seen our VIDEO yet) Now is as good a time as any to see our E-bike in ACTION HERE.

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