Crystalyte Motors

Clyte 40 Series, 35 Series & “The Crown”

Crystalyte 35 Series Motors

Crystalyte 35 Series Motor

The 3525 has more torque easily able to conquer hills,at 72v25amps you will attain speeds of 50kms/30 miles an hour and easily have a range of 50+kms/30miles using  our Headway brand LifePo4 72v15AH battery pack. if you lower the amperage you will attain longer ranges.(my personal favorite since trying it out apx 3 months ago,,,at 72V it is the prefered choice)

The 3540 has a higher top end speed and is recommended when using lower voltages such as 48V or 60V. Using our Headway Brand Battery kit at 48V15AH with the AMPERAGE SET TO 16 AMPS you will get an impressive 50kms/30 miles per hour top speed with a range of no less than 50kms/30 miles. Available in all rim sizes 20″,24″,26″ and 700C (Comes laced in rim ). Crystalyte 35 Series Motors can be purchased HERE.

Crystalyte 40 Series Motors

The “ALL MIGHTY” 40 Series Crystalyte Motors

The 40 series has a 40mm stator therefore is more powerful, able to deliver better performance. A good analogy : If you prefer 6 cylinder power on a car then you might be a good candidate for the 40 series as opposed to the 35 series. (ALSO preferable for heavier set persons up to 250LBS,any more then it is highly suggested to consider The Crown motor).

Available in 4065 and 4080,,,the 4065 has higher torque less speed (EXCELLENT for hilly areas). The 4080 has a higher top end speed with lower torque. Crystalyte 40 Series Motors can be purchased HERE.

Crystalyte “The Crown” Series Motors

Crystalyte “The Crown” Series Motors


Well what can be said for those power hungry, “just gotta have the best thats out their”, people.If you’re of the kind that wants no less than a PORSCHE,FERRARI OR WHAT NOT,THEN CHANCES ARE “THE CROWN” IS WHAT YOU CRAVE. IF YOU CRAVE THE CROWN THEN SIMPLY BUY IT,AT A $300,000.00 LESS THAN YOUR AVERAGE  SUPER CAR THEN WHY NOT? RATED AT AN ASTOUNDING 4800 WATTS YOU CAN SMASH A 72V60AMP CONTROLLER TO THIS BABY WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE.BE WELL AWARE THIS IS FOR EXPERIENCED RIDERS/BUILDERS WHO KNOW ALL THE INS AND OUTS OF CONTROLLER TECHNOLOGY AS WELL AS BATTERY TECHNOLOGY.THIS IS FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY OR CAN BE LISCENCED AND REGISTERD FOR LEGAL USE ON YOUR LOCAL ROADS.(Of course here at Kobois we are very happy to talk with you should you have questions in regards to installations of any motors we sell).  Crystalyte Crown Series Motors can be purchased HERE.