Battery Kits

Welcome to the all new Kobois Battery line up.

The Brand Kobois are specially designed for E-bikes.Simply put,Probably one of the wisest
investment in batteries to buy for any of your E-bike needs,Why? Well read on and see for yourself:

You can purchase packs HERE:

1st) All our battery packs are manufactured to stringent standards right here in Canada at our manufacturing facilities.

This means that Each and every 18650 cell is independently tested for full Capacity as well as Capacity Loss over many days of time passed. Defective cells will lose more Mah than a healthy cell over a period of a few days and this fact causes havoc on the whole pack itself. In other words  bad cells lose capacity over short amount of times.Needless to say we never incorporate bad cells in any pack that is ordered from Kobois.

2nd) Packs manufactured in china more often than not will contain defect cells thus the reason packs are only good for one summer of performance If your lucky.

We have had clients come to us with packs that they ordered direct from china and from the first day they had major problems, we have opened some of those packs and found the build quality to be sub par at best and some just plain BAD BUILDS PERIOD. The client that came to us with his defective pack from the very first day he received it had a full bank of parallel cells that were almost dead. We are sure that was due to a defective BMS that pulled the power out of that particular bank of cells during shipping. To add insult to injury, the actual charger was DOA.

We are not saying all manufacturers in china sell bad packs but we are saying that if major problems arise then it becomes a difficult process to get the pack fixed.

3rd) Should a problem arise we are always just a phone call away and we can help you to troubleshoot your pack easily enough.

Because this website is still a work in progress there will be more information added here soon.Should you require any information either email or call us and we will be happy to address any concerns.